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Supporters Club

Welcome to the world of Sports NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)


We've created this limited run of NFTs to help with the funding of McKenzy's single-seater career, and also to give his supporters an opportunity to be a real part of any success he may enjoy.

It almost goes without saying that the scope for onward sales of the NFT depends largely on how well McKenzy does during the 2023 season, and the general buoyancy of the NFT market.


As further encouragement we’ll be giving McKenzy Cresswell Fan Tokens (MCFT) to holders of NFTs based on his performance over race weekends. One token per NFT owned will be given for each point he scores over the weekend. For example if he scores 45 points and you own 2 NFTs you’ll received 90 MCFTs.


MCFTs will be redeemable against merchandise and experiences that we will be publishing on this site before the season begins.


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