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GB3 Championship: First Quarter Report

Championship Position: 25th -> 8th

Oulton Park

This picture is the story of the first race.

No one in the team had ever seen a rear anti-roll bar fail in this way. I went out to do two laps scrubbing a set of tyres for the race. I came in to change tyres and we can only assume that as the car was dropped off the rear jack the roll-bar bracket broke. It made the car undriveable and, despite being in the top 3 throughout testing at Oulton Park, the best I could do in qualy was 20th

Race one we battled up to 12th before being hit from behind on a safety car restart and retiring. The team worked miracles to repair the car in time for race two only to be pushed into a barrier on lap 1. I had to pit for a new front wing which put me last on the road. Race 3 I made a mistake on the grid and was hit from behind again. Two points total; 25th and last in the Championship. Very disappointing for everyone involved.


The Championship moved on to Silverstone over the weekend of the Coronation. To say the weather was changeable would be a dangerous brush with understatement. Having qualified 7th, we managed to finish 5th in torrential rain in race 1; 2nd in a wet/dry race 2 and, having climbed from a “reverse grid” 16th at the start of lap 1, finished 5th again in a dry race 3. Lots of fun overtakes in that race!!

We’re still not fulfilling the potential we showed in testing, but nonetheless a good result and loads of points. We know what we must work on for the next round.

The points tally from Silverstone puts us 8th in the Championship, up from 24th after Oulton Park, and we’re hopeful the Spa round in a couple of weeks continues the upward trend.

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